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Here we have a pretty sweet deal for you to consider. For a great price, we are giving to the opportunity to have not only an awesome 8-inch hoverboard but also the hottest hoverboard accessory of 2016 – the Hover Kart.

The Hover Kart designed to be easy to use and that really comes across when you attach it to your hoverboard. In fact, all it takes is a few seconds.

Once it’s attached, simply power up the board and settle in your seat – you’re ready to race!

The controls are simple and effective to use. The Hover Kart uses two levers to mimic the action of two feet on the hoverboard’s chassis. To go forward simply push the levers forward and to stop or go back simply pull the levers back. Turning is also as simple, to turn left just push the right lever while holding the left lever and vice versa to go right.

It’s so simple that anyone - young or old – can have a go. Herein lies the beauty of this accessory: it makes hoverboards available for all to use. The chance of falling off is next to zero and the ease of use makes driving around in the Hover Kart a breeze.

The 8, 10, and 12 inches are all perfect for this upgrade. The Hover Kart is designed not only to work with all models of hoverboards but also all sizes of people. The adjustable straps mean that you can use this kart with different sized hoverboards without any bother and the adjustable leg pedals mean that even the little ones can have a go.

8-inch Hoverboard and Hover Cart in one sweet deal!

  • 8-inch Hoverboard compatible with the smartphone app
  • Compatible with the 8-inch Hoverboard 
  • Easy to attach – Your hover cart will be available in less than a minute
  • Power up the Hoverboard then sit on the Cart
  • Push down the two handles to go forward
  • Pull up the two handles to go backward 
  • Hold the left handle and press the right handle to turn left
  • Hold the right handle and press the left handle to turn right

Don’t forget that, as standard, all our products come with free shipping. No surprises at the checkout.

As with all our hoverboards, your purchase gives you access to the SuperPower app which enables you to check up easily on the status of your hoverboard. It’s great to use and will tell you important info such as speed, battery status and even enable you to change the different speed settings that each board has. To give you extra peace of mind the app has a troubleshooting feature to help you out should you run into any problems. Available for download at both Google Play and the App Store, this nifty little app uses the Bluetooth in your phone to communicate with your phone making it a breeze to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app and connected to your board you’re good to go. Just make sure to change the Bluetooth password (default 000000) before your friends have a laugh at your expense!

8 inch hoverboard and hoverkart all in one

Hoverboard manufacturer-Smart Hoverboards

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