Hot to Find Reliable Hoverboard Manufacturer to Avoid Catching Fire

There have been reports of hoverboards catching fire and exploding in US. And the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that over 500,000 hoverboards sold by 10 companies have been recalled.

These hoverboards were recalled due to the risk of catching fire and explosion.

Doesn’t this mean that hoverboards are really unsafe?

For starters, we need to know why these hoverboards caught fire in the first place.

Firstly, because hoverboards have a powerful battery pack inside, and that battery contains certain chemicals. If a lower quality battery is used, then when charged, it will easily overheat, and risk catching fire.

Secondly, overheating or over charging also will cause the battery to catch fire.

How to avoid your hoverboard catching fire or exploding? The following comes in an expert’s suggestions.

  1. Chose a goodreliable hoverboard manufacturer when you order.
  2. Be sure the battery pack in the hoverboard uses a Samsung or LG cell.
  3. Use only the charger that come with the hoverboard. And confirm the charger voltage matches with your home’s voltage.
  4. Don’t over charge the hoverbaord , and do make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging time
  5. Don’t charge the hoverboard overnight,and don’t charge when you are away from home.
  6. Check the hoverbaord hasUL certifications, and a warranty.

Hoverboards are a fun toy for kids and adults. If you do buy a high quality hoverboard ,then you can enjoy using your product and have no worries about any safety problems. The Smart-hoverboards themselves are sourced from a supply of high quality hoverboards.

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Smart Hoverbord
Smart Hoverbord


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